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A New Way of Travel Produced by MYU Japan

The past and the future

of travel

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Until recently, the usual way of travel may have been signing up for a package group tour where you rush from one attraction to another on a private coach, however this has started to change gradually.

Nowadays people seek for an exciting and satisfying trip which cannot be fulfilled based on regular travel brochures.

Encounters with people, peace and relaxation, new discoveries, exciting adventures, breathtaking sceneries, interesting history and culture, experiencing the lifestyle of the local people.

MYU Japan will introduce to you the local specialty and charms that you can't find elsewhere.

We strive to meet

your every needs

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Everyone has their own way of travelling from place to place;

  • Using a special railway passes for tourists.

  • Booking an airline tickets using mileage program.

  • Driving your own car or using a rent-a-car.

Our tours do not include any transportation fee in the tour price, however we offer you the option to book the shinkansen tickets or rent-a-car with MYU Japan.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

A more personalized

travel experience


We offer optional tours that give you all the experiences that the region can offer.


In the new post-COVID-19 world, the new travel trend will be to travel in a small family or friend group or with a group of like-minded people. At MYU Japan, we offer private tours with the exception of a few products.

The people who are most familiar and knowledgeable in the local attractions and charms the best are the local community. Why not explore the town with a guide who knows the area inside and out?

About Us



Explore more destinations around the world and gain new travel experiences.

To meet the diversifying needs of our customers, we are committed in maintaining a high level of knowledge to be able to offer suggestions. Our high quality travel products are made to ensure reassurance and a great peace of mind at all times.

Miki's Challenge

Today, tomorrow, and forever.

As a travel expert, we at Miki Tourist vow to provide you with high quality travel assistance.

"An inspiring journey doesn't come up from just sitting at your desk"

Miki Group is close to the local community, hence enabling us to provide our full support to the next generation of traveler.

   Offices in 18 cities across 16 countries

B2B sales to travel agencies across the region


Offices in 10 cities across 7 countries

B2B sales to travel agencies across the region


Partnership with major OTAs especially in Asia and Europe


Offices in 4 cities

B2B sales to travel agencies nationwide

Miki Group has a worldwide network with a focus on Europe. Through our network of 20 offices in 17 countries in Europe, we are able to offer our clients with a wide range of services for our outbound travelers from Japan and other Asian countries to Europe. We work with all major travel agencies in Japan and across Asia, and have the strongest relationships with European hotel suppliers as a tour operator.

In addition, Miki Group has a strong commitment to inbound travel to Japan and has a solid track record of providing travel arrangements for travelers from various countries and regions through our sales offices in Europe and Asia.

Miki Group is able to offer a strong network platform and strong partnerships with our clients in creating and communicating the travel attractions of each region.

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