Tokyo has finally been added to

the Go To Travel Campaign!

You could get a travel discount

of up to half the cost of your trip!

Let's take the opportunity to travel and support

the local travel industry!

Enjoy a discount of

up to JPY20,000 per person per night for an overnight trip, or up to JPY10,000 per person for a day trip

What is

Go To Travel


Go To Travel Campaign is a campaign by the national government that offers big discounts on travel inside Japan. Only residents of Japan (including foreign residents) are eligible to participate in this campaign.

This campaign offers to subsidize the cost for accommodation and travel packages in half. The savings come in form of:

  • A 35 percent discount on the total cost


  • Coupons worth 15 percent of the total cost to be spent on other travel expenses during the trip


What is a regional coupon?

  • The regional coupon is a coupon worth 15% percent of the total cost to be spent on other travel services in the prefecture visited and surrounding prefectures during the day(s) of your trip.

  • The coupons are issued in multiples of JPY1,000, with the amount being rounded up or down to the nearest JPY1,000 (500 and more is rounded up; less than 500 is rounded down).

  • No changes will be given for payments made less than the coupon amount.

  • The Go To Travel Campaign office will issue the coupons and distribute them to the travel agencies and accommodation providers, which will then be given to their guests.

  • ​The coupons are issued either in paper form or electronic form (to be used with a mobile device). You could select the form of coupon.

  • The electronic coupons cannot be received before 15:00 on the day of check-in, while the paper coupons will be posted to your home in advance, so you can use them even before 15:00 on your travel date.

Travel discount and regional coupons

Travel date from 1st October 2020

E.g. Overnight trip costing JPY40,000

  • Pay: JPY26,000 (65%)

  • Receive travel discount: JPY14,000 yen (35%)

  • Receive coupon: JPY6,000 yen (15%)

E.g. Daytrip costing JPY20,000

  • Pay: JPY13,000 (65%)

  • Receive travel discount: JPY7,000 yen (35%)

  • Receive coupon: JPY3,000 yen (15%)

  • The regional coupons are only available for travels deted from October 2020. For travels dated before October 2020, no regional coupons will be issued and only a discount of 35% of the total cost of the trip will be applied.

ー Upper limit ー

Upper limit for overnight trips

JPY20,000 per person per night

Upper limit for day trips

JPY10,000 per person per night

​There is no limitation on how many trips you can make during the campaign period or on the length of each trip!

E.g. You can save up toJPY100,000

for a 5 nights trip.

Campaign Information

Campaign Period

From 22nd July 2020 to 31st January 2021 (check-out date: 1st February 2021).

  • This campaign may end early or be extended without prior notice depending on the overall budget.

Eligible Travel Products

Day trip, overnight stay, or package tours which includes overnight stay + transportation etc., as specified by MYU Japan.

Important Information

  • The regional coupon can be used to make payments at registered stores and restaurants and for transportation and other travel services in the prefecture visited and surrounding prefectures during the day(s) of your trip.

  • The tour prices offered by MYU Japan is the actual amount to be paid by guests in which the travel discount has already ben deducted. While the Go To Travel Campaign support fund is provided to all residents of Japan, travel agencies will receive the support fund on behalf of the guests. In the event of a cancellation, a predetermined cancellation fee will be charged based on the tour price. Please apply for the tour if you agree with our terms and conditions, including the applicability of the Go To Travel campaign discount.

  • The travel discount will be deducted from the total amount, in which will be the actual amount to be paid by the guests.

  • If the booked accommodation cancels its application for the Go To Travel Campaign, you will no longer be eligible to receive the travel discount and regional coupon.


   Information as of 18th September 2020

Traveling in the New Normal

For your safety, please read the new travel etiquette issued by Japan Tourism Agency which is aimed to help control the spread of Covid-19 and prevent new infections from spiking with the increased movement of people across the country.

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